Successful Men Meet Attractive Single Women

SugarD is a creative millionaire dating app designed for successful & rich men to meet beautiful and attractive women. SugarD is a Tinder style dating app minus poor and ugly people. Do you want to join the upper classes? SugarD is the best choice!

Diamond Certification - High Quality Millionaires

We provide an entry for male members to verify their income. A man who has reached $200,000 income annually can apply our Diamond Certification. This certification is not only a token for success and rich, but also can help our members get more real relationship.

Beauty Verification - Attractive Women

Before dating with a lady in reality, how can you judge a woman is beautiful or not? Through dating apps or other instant messengers, you can only face babies’ photo or video. Do you want to know a baby’s real face with no heavy make-up? Our application can satisfy your desire. In our application, a lady can upload her non-make up photos and submit to verify. Once her non-make up photos are verified by us, she will get a Beauty Verification emblem.

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Share all your moment photos with other users and meet more successful and attractive people. With Moments, we’re making it easier than ever to tell your story and share your life’s moments. We hope you have as much fun playing with Moments as we had built it.